News Update



Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Decision (2075-09-09)


AGM Notice (20-06-2018)


Minutes of Special General Meeting Notice (28-01-2018)


Special General Meeting Notice


नेपाल हाइड्रोको आइपीओ बाँडफाँट, गोलाप्रथाबाट १० कित्ता सेयर


Issue Open Notice (NHDL)


Final Prospectus


IPO issue for Public


आगामी आर्थिक बर्षको पहिलो आईपीओ नेपाल हाइड्रोले जारी गर्ने,धितोपत्र बोर्डले दियो अनुमति


Nepal Hydro Developer Limited AGM on Magh 25, 2073.


IPO issue for Local Public from 2073/08/26


Charnawati Project Starts Trial Production (2070/02/24)


Generation Details of Charnawati Project (2071-2072)